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COG is a single player isometric puzzle game where you play as 2 robots but only control one at a time. The goal of the game is to get both robots to the green COG endpoints at the end of each level.

The game needs an XBOX controller to be played. Controls can be found in the pause menu by pressing the start button in a level.
There are 10 levels in total that can be played freely from the level select.

For support email nicholasg@internode.on.net


Level Designer & Producer
Ryan Penning

Nick Grimwade

Character Artists
Jonathan Wong
Ben Cowley

Environment Artists
Nick Adriaansen
Aidan Kelly

Install instructions

Once downloaded extract from zip and double click .exe to start

The game requires either an XBOX 360 or XBOXONE controller to play.
Controls can be found in the pause screen when you enter a level.
For support issues send an email to nicholasg@internode.on.net

Enjoy and thanks for downloading COG!


Engon Games Cog.zip 95 MB

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